Taking a moment to reflect

Taking a moment to reflect

We have talked so much about self-regulation in many of the blog posts.  As an Occupational Therapist, who works with adults with a variety of challenges, this is an area that is addressed often.  When lack of control regarding specific situations or circumstances are hindering your ability, I have observed many varying emotions and responses to these situations. 

This week, these feelings are what I felt.  Make it Monday is an opportunity to demonstrate FUN, unique, and supportive ideas for activities.  When the technology that we have messes with us - ME!! well, those feelings that are experienced by those that I work with more often than I can imagine (just my thoughts) I got to feel them on Monday this week!! 

When the tech tools weren't working just the way I wanted, the internet connection was lacking, and the feelings of frustration were brewing inside of me.......well, my friends, I needed to use the tools that I guide others in using!!

I had to take many pauses, pivot in my thinking and my plans for the session being presented.  AND, I needed to remind myself this is not failing, it is just an opportunity for learning and growth. 

I took another path to present the materials, and the activity.  Although it might not have been exactly how I had planned it, or the way that I had expected to present the activity, in the long run, thank goodness for having an opportunity to watch on replay, the Make it Monday session was there for those to watch at their convenience. 

So, my friends......let's continue this journey together.  Let us share are ups and downs.....twists and turns......sharing adventure, ideas, thoughts, and struggles along the way.  We will continue to learn!  Every oops is an opportunity for learning.  And WOW, do I have so much to learn!!  

Thanks for being a part of my journey with Pam's Den of Creative Fun. 

Here are a few process pics from Make it Monday.



We are hoping to get some new items in the shop real soon! 

And I look foward to March, where we will be focusing on celebrating birthdays!! 

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