Who is ready and thinking about the Fall season......

Who is ready and thinking about the Fall season......

We are being creative with Fall decorations recently.  Do you look forward to the Fall season, enjoy this time of the year?  For me, Fall is probably my favorite season.  The cool temperatures, especially in the evening, and at night, nudge me to pause, enjoy and just relax in the moment.  Living in Ohio, I am fortunate to witness beautiful leaves changing their colors.  Something I truly enjoy. 

I love sharing these beauties with others, especially the folks that I support. They enjoy making fun creations that depict the feels, looks and beauty of this season.

Sensory experiences can occur in so many variety of ways.  And through this, many can explore and experience the adventures of the season.  Crunching of the leaves, decorating our surroundings, listening to changes in nature happening,  having discussions about the different colors, etc.....



Using a variety of materials can be fun! Do you sew?  How about just having fun with fabric, felt?  In my world, we call this doodling with thread! 


We have enjoyed puzzle piece art during this time, and continue to have fun!

Just look at this pumpkin.  Can you believe it is decoupaged with a napkin?



**A sensory box can provide many opportunities to feel,                                            smell and explore. 

And you know those fun rocks that we have been painting?...some of those would be a great addition to a sensory box!

And let's talk a bit more about those fun rocks we are all creating.



some celebration rocks in Fall colors. So nice!!


(**disclaimer......just remember, each sensory box needs to be created with the individual in mind that will be exploring the materials.  Think safety first.  These are just ideas that are presented.)  

More Fall creations in the works!  Stay tuned and glad you are enjoying watching our fun adventures and creations.  

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