What do you think you see?

What do you think you see?


I was reviewing some older blog posts that I wrote a few years ago.  But, I thought it would be helpful and important to add to it and share again.

  For the past month, I have been creating inspirational rocks. The inspiration behind painting, embellishing, and sharing these rocks is to provide a simple and at times profound message to others. And to engage with others as well.   The message really is that I see you, I encourage you, I support you and I accept you for who you are.




 I asked this question before a few years back, and am repeating it today.  What do you see? Or, I am thinking of a different question...."what do you think you see?"

Look at that picture above, and just take a moment. 

If you said a bunch of rocks…..maybe with paint on them, you would be right.  You might think…. but they aren’t done or finished yet.  You would be right.  But these rocks were completed by a gentleman, by himself, without assistance! And he was so proud of completing these and letting me know that he did this. 

 When we paint these rocks, they often take on a life of their own.  What starts with the rock being a basic “canvas”, evolves into whatever that person painting the rock chooses.  As one person may start painting the rock, another individual may join in and add their creative inspiration to it.  It might just be a dot of color, or stripes, then another might even finish the art.  So, these rocks might just be starting their journey in the creative path.

 For many, what I like most is that each individualw as allowed to complete this task just as he or she  desired.  In this instance, he decided when they were finished for him.  He expressed that he couldn’t wait to see what happens with these rocks and will be excited to see the finished product.  We handed these rocks over to others to take it on its art journey.  Then, after others had put their artistic flair into these, they went back to my friend. This individual really enjoyed packaging the rocks and making choices on who could receive these little bits of inspiration. 

I felt then and again now that this was a great opportunity to make connections, be free to express themselves in their own way with these little tidbits of art and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

 So, my inspiration to you who read this, it doesn’t have to look perfect.  What is perfect?  To each his own I feel.  By being able to participate might be just perfect for many.  I really want to encourage you to think about that. Take a pause and reflect.  Maybe even take some quiet time, and write in your journal your thoughts about the sense of perfection.  What is perfect to you.  And, we can advocate how those with limited abilities can be given the chance and opportunity to advocate for themselves. 

I will continue to support in developing opportunities, provide assistance in the development of guidance in strategies, techniques, and tools that can be used to enhance.

Let me share a few rocks that have been shared~


~Advocate ~Create ~Teach.  We can do this together. 

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