We continue to bloom!

We continue to bloom!

Making flowers in Pam's Den of Creative Fun is in full bloom!

I hope by watching the Make it Monday segments and the videos that have been posted, you are learning some new techniques and fun artistic ways of creating.

Let us know your thoughts by responding to our posts on our Facebook page. 

What supplies did we use?  Plastic serving dish, tissue paper, Mod Podge, napkins, a yard stick and non skid matting that was painted.  

Strategies that are helpful are-

*Model each step

*Limit supplies - provide a few choices or options

*Prepare the materials ahead of time to keep the task moving

These are only a few.  The task does not need to be completed in one session. 

For many of my friends, by breaking the task/activity into small and short sessions, participation is demonstrated with increased consistency.  

Stay tuned.....we have more to come next week.  

We will continue to work on flowers - found at craft stores, and other stores in the shape of a flower.  We are also hoping to make some cards decorated with flower shapes.  FUN....FUN...and more FUN!


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