WE are having Birthday FUN!

WE are having Birthday FUN!

How is everyone doing?  

We are having an enjoyable month of March creating and celebrating.

Have you been joining in on our Make it Monday FUN?


It is so fun putting a smile on someone's face to help them celebrate

their special day ....their BIRTHDAY!



Pam has a freebie coloring sheet in the shop at www.pamsdenofcreativefun.com

We have created many different birthday cards using a variety of materials - including, but of course not limited to - Cardstock of many colors, washi tape, stickers, paper cut out shapes and of course napkins......the ideas are endless!  What a great opportunity to use your imagination.  

We talked about how we can break the tasks of creating down to simple steps and find opportunities for all to participate.  Remember, we can modify and adapt the tools, materials,and techniques to make it possible for all abilities to engage in these fun activities.  If they want to of course!!

   Just a bit of the process. 


This past Monday, we created what I call "shelf sitters".  These are little works of art that can be displayed  on a tier tray, on a shelf, mantle or table.  They usually are able to stand of on their own and don't take up much space.          

           These turned our so cute!!


Let's keep creating friends!!!  ~pam     





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