Courage is within ALL of us

Courage is within ALL of us

"Courage Within Us All."  I wanted to share the thought process and inspiration that led to its creation.

 Firstly, let's talk about what you’re looking at here. "Courage Within Us All" is a painted rock held delicately between someone's fingers. It’s small in size but packed with meaning. I chose to divide the rock's surface into three distinct horizontal sections. The top section is bold and vibrant, painted red with tiny yellow dots scattered like stars in the sky. The middle section retains the natural stone color, serving as the perfect canvas for the word "Courage," which is emblazoned in white and tastefully outlined in black. The bottom section is a calming blue, also adorned with small yellow dots.

 The combination of red, natural stone, and blue, along with the bold lettering of "Courage," was deliberately chosen to embody a theme of encouragement and positivity. Red evokes passion and energy, blue brings in tranquility and peace, and the natural stone middle acts as a grounding element that ties everything together.

 Now, onto the inspiration behind it. As we have been creating little tidbits of art this whole month and using rocks as our canvases, the theme for several days was to remember those that gave their life for our country.  I  Courage is a trait we discuss often in our creative space. It’s something that we all possess, but it often remains dormant until we face challenges. My aim was to create a tangible reminder that courage is not a far-off concept; it resides within each of us.

 The process of creating this piece was unique in its own way. Every stroke of paint and every dot was applied with the intention of putting across a layered message – that courage comes from a harmonious balance of energy (red), peace (blue), and authenticity (natural stone). Holding the rock between fingers was also a deliberate choice to signify personal connection and the ease with which one can access their inner courage.

 Additionally, it's important to note that those with physical limitations can fully participate in the painting process. Adapted and modified techniques can be used to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves creatively, making this empowering experience accessible to all.

 Moreover, the act of painting "Courage Within Us All" can be a wonderful opportunity to work on a project together, sharing individual talents and engaging in the creative process as partners. Collaborating with someone else adds another layer of meaning and connection, turning the creation into a shared journey of discovery and expression.

 "Courage Within Us All" is more than just a piece of art; it’s a little token of empowerment. I hope that when you look at it, you’re reminded of the boundless courage that so many have shown, and that you have courage that is ready to be unleashed.

I hope you took the opportunity to create and reflect during these few days. 

 Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I can't wait to share more of my creations along with others in the future.

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