The birthday fun continues!

The birthday fun continues!

Celebrating birthdays can be fun!

This week, we explored opportunities to make our own wrapping paper.  I think turned out spectacular.  Wouldn't you like getting a gift made with one of a kind wrapping paper, each unique??  I think so. 

In our Make it Monday session, we demonstrated using stamps, coloring, watercolors as the medium to complete the fun papers.  

Gather supplies needed. I bet you have what you need right at home!

I had many birthday stamps in my stash.  Found these at a resale shop.  Great opportunity to use and repurpose.  Another great supply is to use archival ink stamp pad.  This allows you to paint over it.....who likes your ink to smear??  Not me!!  I really liked using heavier paper, like mailing paper.  I will be trying out some others soon and will let you know how they work.  Use what you have and let us know how it works for you!    


So.....let's continue to think out of the can we support individuals of all abilities participate in these fun and creative tasks.  And, how do we share what we have made with others who would enjoy being on the receiving end....?? Let's think about this as we continue our Make it Monday segments at 

Pam's Den of Creative Fun.  Spread the word because we really enjoy meeting new friends. 

Next week, we are hoping to have a guest in the creative den.  That will be great!

So, for now.....Happy Spring to all my friends.  The calendar says it is Spring, but sorry to where Pam is in Ohio, there are snowflakes falling and it is cold.  Pam is hoping for some sun to shine to warm us up a bit.   




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