So many more BIRTHDAY creations!

So many more BIRTHDAY creations!

We REALLY enjoyed celebrating during the month of March!

Finished out the Make it Monday sessions for this current month making gift bags!

We even had a guest visitor/artist.  It was great that Deborah from 

The Tattered Artist could join in.  Of course we had some tech glitches.  BUT, we were able to connect and enjoyed creating with each other.  We both created gift bags which were unique and one of a kind for sure!!  

Check out Pam's Den of Creative Fun on Facebook to see the final creations. 

Just to review what we did create this month - and many of these are available in the shop. 


                                                                          *  Using napkins to decorate


    *Creating wrapping paper


  Coloring pages (free download)


Would enjoy hearing what your favorite was this month.

I am sure we will make these again real soon! I don't want to  stop making birthday creations for celebration.  It is so much fun to put smiles on faces to celebrate THEIR special day!

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