Rock Painting Journey!

Rock Painting Journey!

What do you see?

If you answered a bunch of rocks, maybe with would be correct.

Many would say, those are not much of a work of art, and really not finished yet.  

But, we need to hear the whole story.  These are rocks that were painted by an individual who enjoys art.  He is an individual who has physical and cognitive challenges.  And, these were painted ALL by himself, without assistance from others.  And to make it even nicer, he was very proud of the fact that he was able to do this.

When the rocks are painted with the purpose of becoming something special for soneome, such as an inspirational rock, birthday greeting rock, or even a memorial rock, these rocks take on a life of their own.  The rock starts as a basic canvas and evolves into something, by the art/crafting skill of an individual that participates in the task.  In this process, one person may start the crafting of the rock, and another may finish the process.  These basic rocks may just be starting their journey to completion.  In the process of an indivual making thier own choices of the completion of the task, the best I think was that he was able to engage with painting, a skill he really enjoys.  He expressed he couldn't wait to see what the finished product looked like.  These rocks will be handed off to others to take them further on their art/crafting journey.  Then when completed, they will return to the beginning to be packaged.  That is another task my friend enjoys doing.  

It is fun to see the unique art that has been completed along the way.  

We hope you visit our shop to see final products!  

Let us know what you think.  Follow along!

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