Reflecting on August and Rock Painting

Reflecting on August and Rock Painting

We had a great August, creating, painting, sharing time together and finding the inner artist in us!  By prompting, encouraging, and exploring a variety of techniques, art was reflected in the wonderful rocks that were created.  I want to share this with you because of the wonderful outcomes through this process.  Recently, I was interacting with individuals that participated in the month-long activity of painting rocks of choice.



 As an Occupational Therapist, you often provide opportunities, adapt, modify, and demonstrate how the task can be completed with providing support.  What you often wonder,  is how others perceive the activity and what will occur in the process.  My hope is that there is new learning, enjoyment, sharing, making connections with others, understanding mistakes and how to remedy them in a fun artistic way and just enjoying the creation that is made. 

An individual that really enjoys painting, as I was discussing our artistic, fun activities that we have done and plan to do, interjected that she LOVED painting the rocks.  And, best of all, she has, since her introduction to me, has always asked my name.  Today, during our conversation, I asked her if she knew my name.  Without hesitation she responded “Pam”!  Wow, I was blown away. 

I really believe that through this artistic process with painting the rocks, something that she really enjoyed and watching me, even through virtual venue, we made new connections.  And through the use on an “occupation” that she finds very important to her which is art, we now have a new opprtunity to explore a similar interest.  I look forward to enjoying more creative processes with her and making more connections. 

All this started with painting rocks! 

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