Pam's Den has been BUSY!

Pam's Den has been BUSY!

Hello friends and followers - 

It is finally summer here in northeast Ohio.  It is HOT and humid!  Do you like that kind of weather?  I am not a big fan, but need to embrace the changes in the weather since I live here!!  

Pam and her friends have been busy creating in the Den.  You never know what we are going to create as we provide many choices and encourage independent thinking!  Last month, we created for mom's day, this month we created for dad's day and many other creative opportunities. 

In this space that we call "The Den", we continue to support interaction with individuals and their caregivers as they enjoy creative opportunities.  Options are provided for choice, and we call this Person Centered.  Creating an environment for the individual to make choices, then guide and develop strategies along with the caregivers to gain successful completion of a chosen task.  

Does this resonate with YOU?  Do you provide services to individuals with variety of disabilities that needs support to engage and successfully complete fun creative creations?  We hear you for sure.  

I invite you to interact with us, watch what we do and consider that we have much to offer you.  There are a large number of tools, materials, strategies and interventions that we can work on using through a trial and error adventure.  If something doesn't work for you, me, and others this time, we will make it a learning process for sure!  

As I stated, we have been busy.  Here are some of the creations - 





 As we continue to create fun, engagement and opportunities in the Den - I invite you follow our journey.  Stay updated by signing up for updates, info and all of the fun going on in the Den.


Let's together create connections, support and opportunities.  Pam will continue to Advocate, create and teach though a person centered fun process!!  Looking forward to seeing more friends in "The Den".









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