Painting rocks are Creative and Cute!

Painting rocks are Creative and Cute!





 I want to share some thoughts about creating painted rocks this month.  Participating in the challenge given to myself to paint inspirational rocks for the entire month of May is in full motion.  I pushed myself to complete this month long challenge.  And I hope that it challenges and inspires you!  In Pam's Den of Creative Fun, we explore many outlets for creativity and opportunities to make connections with others. I feel when an individual feels included, is allowed to create, and make choices for themselves, there mental health is improved. This skill I think  can also support self-regulation and is a great tool in our mental health toolbox.  Mental Health Awareness Month is a great opportunity to push myself in this choice of activities.  Painting rocks has been enjoyable for me. I enjoy creating and then sharing with others. 

I  am sharing the painting process, the completed rocks and the journal entry daily.  These are just ideas, and a way to give others inspiration to give it a try.  

Check out the Facebook page for Pam's Den of Creative Fun to follow along. 

As always, I encourage you to follow us on our page, and get opportunities for making connections, sharing creativity, and seeing that adaptations can be made for inclusion.  

Check out another completed rock that is in the shop.





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