Painted and Decorated Rocks - The Journey continues

Painted and Decorated Rocks - The Journey continues

We are continuing our month of August exploration of painted rocks.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities to show our individual artistic talents!!  

It was fun to see folks join in on our Facebook Live session where I demonstrated how we decorate the rocks.  Check out Pam's Den of Creative Fun to join in!

We discussed how decorating the rocks provided many therapeutic opportunities.  A few of the opportunities that we discussed were fine motor skills, choice making, making your own ideas known, following instructions, taking turns, and waiting to name a few.  We also discussed how to prepare the rocks for the techniques that we modeled.  

Just thought you would enjoy seeing some of the completed rocks.  

We will continue this journey of rock painting using another technique next week.

We continue to enjoy the poured paint technique and used a decoupage technique to add to our fun strategies! 








Stay tuned to see what other rocks we create, and check out the shop!


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