Painted Rocks: A Therapeutic and Artistic Journey

Painted Rocks: A Therapeutic and Artistic Journey

Using a kit for rocks can be beneficial to many folks.  Those with limited abilities to get to the store, those that want to give this art a try but do not have lots of leftover materials….etc.  The kits will provide most of what you need. We are in the  process of creating kits.  Be looking forward to those in the store soon.  

An outcome of painting the rock could be the process of exploring and creating.  This act of participation as I speak from experience, does help with stress and anxiety reduction.  I find that working with my hands, using the tools, allowing the creative ideas in my head be transported to the rocks helps me let go, and helps me relax. 

Just think of all the different themes and designs that can be created.  The possibilities are endless.  For us, this week we are exploring just the idea of painting rocks.  Working on preparing the surface of the rock for painting and exploring one idea of a technique with the paint pouring process. 


The supplies can be very simple – some rocks, some paint, a paintbrush and if wanted, a sealer to protect your finished product.  There are other supplies, but to get started not much is needed. 

During the creating process, I encourage you NOT to compare yourself with others that have shared their creation.  Even when I am providing instruction, ideas and encouragement, remember that your art is all yours.  Don’t feel that you need to complete as I or others have done.  Use your wonderful thoughts and ideas.  Create your own masterpiece!  The therapeutic process is for you.  Did you set a goal or intention when you started decorating your rock?  Was it to just have fun? help you become calm? Be creative?  Make something for someone or yourself to celebrate a special occasion?  Any or all of these are great! 

It is fun displaying your work of art in your home, around your desk or even in a locker at school.  Think about how you feel when you look at what you have completed and created.  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?  I sure hope so.

We would really like and appreciate you sharing your completed rock on the Facebook page.  By posting a picture, many can see what you have accomplished and created, others may feel the encouragement and a nudge to give it a try.  That way they can say “Yes I CAN!!”  Look at some that we have created and others that have been shared with us.

Painting rocks can be meaningful in so many ways.  Creating rock kits are in the planning stage.  Let us know what you think about that and if it would be helpful.  Birthdays, anniversaries, memorial rocks and those with inspirational messages and many others are several that we have made in the past and are planning on putting in the shop. There are so many options.  Look at the wonderful rock process that has been in the works.  In the coming weeks of Make it Monday, we are focusing on creating painted rocks with fun techniques and ideas. 


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