Looking ahead to May

Looking ahead to May

 Hello friends, hard to believe that April is coming to a close.  

For now, as we move into May, I want to invite you along for a journey.  A month long journey in being aware of our individual needs for our mental health.  I am reminded that our mental health is just as essential to our life the same way as our physical health.  

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I believe that are times when many seek guidance in this area.  I know I do, and need to remind myself to use the tools and communities that I belong to.  But, we all know that it is very hard to ALWAYS be in the game, and that is OK!!!!!  

As you know, I use creativity as an tool to enhance my mental fortitude.  I find it a wonderful tool in my toolbox to help with self-regulation and self-talk of possitive skills.  Well, for most of the time.  I often, get overwhelmed, frustrated and tense that my work might not be the best it can be.  I am reminded to embrace the ability at that moment, and continue to grow, but not get stuck.  Does this resonate with any of you?

My challenge that I will be taking on for the month of May for myself is - 

1.  To create a rock with inspirational message each day for May.  

2.  Create a journal entry with using a picture of the rock that I create. 


3.  Create a rock garden to visualize and see the inspirations on a daily basis, and watch them grow throughout the month.  


 Make it Monday segments will be to show a wide variety of ideas for creating, embellishing the rocks and oppoertunities for journal entries.  Remember the possiblities are endless and as always you make them your own. I am going to create with what ideas make the most sense on a particular day. I get so excited to see you take the ideas and transform them into your own. 

So, I hope you follow along in the challenge with me.  I invite you to participate in what you feel is comfortable for you. 

Let's have an inspiring May!



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