Look what's happening in the Den

Look what's happening in the Den


It has been a busy week, and at the same time LOTS of fun.  

Our Make it Monday time together has been a great opportunity to share ideas, strategies and some fun "make it" projects just in time for the upcoming holidays.

Everyday is a great day to be creative!!  


Pam showed a technique to put tape on paper, paint over it with watercolor or acrylic paint to create some fun paper to make cards from.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share some time having fun together with a partner.  One with greater fine motor skills can place the tape on the paper making some fun geometric and lined shapes.  Then both together could paint over the page. No staying in the lines skill needed.  Just paint over it, splatter paint if you want, and then let it dry,   You can then cut out shapes of your choosing.   Pam made them into trees!  Then we can decorate however you choose. 



I wanted to share the stack snowman that I made.  And, it looks really good outside surrounded by the Christmas lights!!  


This might be something we try to do in January.  Who would like to stick some snowflakes with fun fabric? 


One of our Make it Monday projects was creating seasonal cards.  

Who has been busy making cards to share with others?

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