Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!

Hello friends.  Did you watch Make it Monday this week?

We started to create some winter projects, with first beginning transformation of a Fall themed pumpkin to life as a snowman!!  Are you going to give this a try?

So many opportunities to be creative and work on many skills as well.  I always like to think of a project broken down into many steps.  Each one can be completed by those that have the skill for that step.  What do you think about that?  Share your abilities with others. And then let others do a step that they feel comfortable with. Work together as a team.  

And then, as someone becomes more comfortable or willing to step out of their comfort zone, opportunities will be presented to explore new talents. 

During our Make it Monday, we talked about what you might use if you didn't have a stacking pumpkin available to transform into a snowman.  There are so many possibilities.  Pam showed how to use a pumpkin that was bought at the dollar store, some wood rounds that could be used to create the parts of the pumpkin.....and I am sure that you can find other items to use!!



We started by painting the objects being used white of course.  Accept, your pumpkin could be any color you wanted....right ??  I know some of my friends are stepping out of the norm and I can't wait until they share!!  

To put a little sparkle, we used some glitter paint or a product called Snowtex.  

If you want, and enjoy looking up ideas, you know Pinterest is a place to check out or just google it!!  That would be a great way to work on technology skills.

Just this week, some of my friends were trying the use of voice activation on their ipads.  Has anyone used something like this?  It could come in handy when an individual struggles with fine motor skills and dexterity.  We are still in the beginning stages of exploring this for many. Stay tuned.  

So in the meantime, get those creative thoughts going again, and CREATE!!  

Pam enjoys the snowman theme of creating because she can leave these decorations up into January.  And, for those of us that live in winter weather climates long into many months, the decorations will be perfect for several months for sure!!

And look what else we worked on this week!!!  Snowflakes!  We are making some very creative snowflakes in different sizes.  


Anybody have any snowflake shape cutters??

If you do, and you cut out the shapes, we would love to see them.  Post

a pic on Facebook at Pam's Den of Creative Fun.  Remember others get great inspiration in what you make.  

So we invite you to join in more fun next week's Make it Monday as we continue our snowman theme!!

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