"Flower Power" is Whimsical

"Flower Power" is Whimsical


Who has been watching our flowers take shape? 

I really like that they have evolved to being a bit quirky or whimsical.  Creativity is when an art piece is made and puts a smile on yours or someone else’s face!! 

 When we do “Make it Monday”, the process of new skill attainment can be frustrating and hard.  Sometimes it can look so “easy” and we can be hard on ourselves.  I find that to be true with many of my friends, and myself included.  As we learn new skills, we are hard on ourselves for not accomplishing the task as quickly as we perceive that we should be able to!  We get frustrated and we might tell ourselves we are not good enough.  We compare ourselves to others, and maybe not enjoy the task as much as we could.  But we need to remember that we can persevere, learn something new and watch the transformation happen. 


       Flowers are blooming and taking shape!

Be watching next week 4.15.24 as we help other flowers grow.

Come on and check us out on Facebook and cast your vote for the flower that is chosen to be worked on!!  

Invite others to be a part of our Creative Community. We love to see new folks express their thoughts and ideas.  We learn from each person.  

Keep joining us during our Make it Monday segments on Facebook. 


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