Exploring Fingerpainting!

Exploring Fingerpainting!

 So, who enjoyed watching Make it Monday and was inspired to do some fingerpainting??  Did you get your hands messy?

"Fingerpaint Impressions" came to life here in Pam's Den of Creative Fun.  Picture a sunny day in a blooming garden, that carefree laughter of nature, and the simple, pure act of expression through finger painting. Yes, it’s as playful and nostalgic as it sounds! Well, I think so!  Do you?  

 Creating this artwork was a unique experience. I dipped my fingers in a variety of yellow and black hues and let my inner child guide me! No brushes, no tools – just my fingers interacting with the paper. This is unfiltered creativity. This hands-on approach gave the flowers and leaves their fun and free expression.


 "Fingerpaint Impressions" is more than just an opportunity to fingerpaint; it's a reminder of the beauty in simplicity and the joy of letting go. No matter your skill level, getting paint on your fingers and spreading it out on whatever surface you choose, can bring a splash of cheer to your day.

 So, if you're ready to add a splash of happiness to your chosen canvas, go ahead and let the fun begin! Let’s celebrate the vibrant dance of colors and the joyous  charm of finger painting together!


Check out our YouTube video of Make it Monday session this week.



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